Welcome Biohackers!

The age of personal biotechnology is upon us! Engineers have turned biology in a design discipline and it’s now up to us to shape it’s applications.

After completing this BioHack Academy you can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, farmaceuticals, fragrances, fungi and much more funky bio stuff at home. We’ll teach you how to join the bio revolution and build your own laboratoy using a Fablab, Maker/Hackspace or other shared machine shop.

Learn how to design, grow and extract your own biomaterials using only Open Source hardware you fabricate yourself. Whether it’s a new type of bio ink, bio polymer or bio fuel, we’ll show you can grow it yourself and share the results with others.

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Fourth BioHack Academy

As of the 31st of January 2017 the fourth BioHack Academy will take place. Registration has opened for following the course at: