Welcome to BHA 3. We will start with a short history of the Biohacking field. Next, you will learn how to design objects in 2D and 3D and transform them into real objects with a lasercutter or 3D printer. During the lab days as a demo we will make basic lab utilities, such as tube racks. Finally, we will take a first look at electronics.



This week we will build our first Open Hardware lab device: the sterile hood. The design files can be found here:

Magnetic Stirrer

Bill of Materials

PLEASE NOTE: as this is the first Bill of Materials of the Academy take note of the following:

  1. The components on this list are the bare minimum you need to build a sterile hood and compatible with the design. Please feel free to deviate from this list and change the design accordingly. You are supposed to keep track of your hacks on your own documentation site.
  2. The suppliers all ship to addresses in The Netherlands, and some also ship abroad. Alternative sources are listed on the Suppliers page. Whenever you find a suitable alternative, please post it in the comments at the bottom of the page.
  3. Check the stock level and shipping times of each component before ordering. If it takes more than two weeks, look for an alternative.
  4. Some suppliers, such as Farnell, only ship to businesses by default. Contact their service department to order as an individual.


Build the sterile hood collectively with your local group.

Additional reading and hacking

Feeling lazy?

Go ahead and buy a sterile hood:

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