3D printer: Ultimaker

The Open Wetlab in Amsterdam uses Ultimakers

  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Make sure that you file is compatible with Cura.
  3. Open Cura
  4. Once Cura is open go to File–>Load model file
  5. The design will appear at Cura.
  6. Select Expert. Two options will appear:
    • Switch to quick print: The parameter are selected by default in three categories: High quality print // Normal quality print // Fast low quality print
    • Switch to full settings: You can adjust quality, fill, speed and temperature according to your design.
  7. On the left corner of your document the time and amount of material needed will appear.
  8. Turn on the 3D Printer and connect to the computer.
  9. Check that is blue tape in the surface where the design is going to be printer.
  10. Wait until the computer identify the printer.
  11. Heat the pinter to 230 degrees C
  12. Press print
  13. Check the distance between the printer and the surface. Not to close (the plastic will not go out), not to far ( it will get cold before touching the surface)
  14. Once you have finished, take out your design with a scraper.
  15. Put it back the printing surface to the printer.
  16. Turn off the printer
  17. Turn off the computer.

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