Pressure Cooker

CAUTION: Once pressurized this piece of equipment becomes dangerous. Make sure anybody else in the room is aware of that!

  1. Fill the pressure cooker with about 1 liter of water
  2. Put the objects that need to be sterilized into an autoclave bag
  3. In case you are autoclaving bottles, make sure the lids are unscrewed. Otherwise they will EXPLODE under pressure!
  4. Close the lid and lock it
  5. Make sure the pressure valve is in straight position
  6. Put the pressure cooker on the hot plate and turn it on
  7. Once steam starts spraying out of the valve, lower the power level of the hot plate to keep it just about steaming, this means the pressure is maintained. Note down the time
  8. After 20 minutes, turn the hot plate off
  9. Wait until the pressure indicator is gone
  10. Open the pressure cooker. Be careful, the content may still be very hot. Wear gloves if necessary.

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