It’s time to digg into DNA. Let’s explore the characteristics of the most fundamental information carrier in life and try to hack it. In the practical we will extract DNA and perform a finger print.



For this week’s practicals we need 3 devices:


We have started to design our own thermocycler, but since there are already so many Open Source designs out there, you may also choose own of those. Such as the OpenPCR or Wild Open PCR



Well, a Gelbox is exactly what the name tells you: a box. The only special features are two wires on each side. Make sure you use an inert material like platinum, gold, carbon or stainless steel for it, otherwise the electrodes will oxidize like crazy.


Power supply

Completely open source, perfectly suitable: IO Rodeo Power Supply

Power Supply

Bill of Materials

In order to take part in this class you will need the following materials:

Additional reading and hacking

Feeling lazy?

Go ahead and buy a thermocycler:

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