At the start of the Biohack Academy 2 we assume you have taken care of the following:


  • Laptop computer running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
    • A tablet will not do
  • Arduino UNO microcontroller + USB cable or a cheaper equivalent board such as Freeduino, Seeeduino or Sparkfun Redboard
  • For those building at home (otherwise provided in the lab): soldering iron, multimeter, helping hand, solder and heat shrink (iPrototype)
  • M3 DIN84 or DIN933 (what ever you prefer) bolts and nuts DIN934 in several lengths, such as 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.


  • Text or code editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, Xcode, gedit, etc
  • Arduino IDE 1.6 for programming the Arduino microcontroller
  • OpenSCAD and FreeCAD for parametric 3D design
  • SketchUp version 8 Mac, Win, Linux (Needs Wine), for 3D drawing. Newer versions are not better, and not compatible.
    • SVG export plugin for exporting to lasercutter compatible file format. You will need version 0.99 for Sketchup 8
    • STL export plugin for exporting to 3D printer compatible file format
  • Fritzing for documenting electronic circuits
  • InkScape for editing vector drawings
  • Cura for operating the 3D printer


  • Register an account on the following website:


In case you wish to do experiments at home you will need the following equipment, otherwise these will be provided for in the lab:

  • Fridge, freezer and stove
  • Pressure cooker (6 Liters or more)
  • Empty glass marmalade or vegetable jars
  • Pasteur Transfer Pipettes (disposible single use are fine), 15 mL volume pipettes (don’t forget the pipetting balloon) and micropipettes (Gilson, Pipetman or go for cheap Huawei via Alibaba)
  • A scale, 1 gram accuracy will do for most of the work. Perhaps also consider having a gold scale for smaller amounts eBay.
  • Labogaz 206
  • Lab coats