Traditionally the last BHA lecture covers some interesting topic with guest lectures. This time its a special class on the topic of bio-digital games and media, with experts from the field.


  • Biotic Games introduction - Euglena Spaceships PDF - VIDEO
  • Wim van Eck & Maarten Lamers (Leiden University) - Organism Involved Computer Games VIDEO
  • Jan-Maarten Luursema - Planet Andi VIDEO
  • Raphael Kim (Queen Mary University) - Bio-digital interactions and Slow Biotic Games VIDEO
  • Syringe pump and peristaltic pump design PDF - VIDEO


This week you can build two types of pumps. As with the other projects, each of the devices has its own github repository.

Some notes on the source files and designs

  • Code: We have included the LiquidCrystal_I2C library. However, as there are multiple libraries named LiquidCrystal_I2C around on the web, if you have included one in your Arduino libraries directory it can result in a conflict (errors during compilation). Temporarily remove the library from your Arduino libraries directory.
  • Peristaltic pump: the design of the pump depends on the diameter of the tube. In case you use a different type, you will need to adjust the diameters. In our design we used HelixMark™ tubes (internal diameter 6.35 mm; external diameter 9.55 mm)
  • Syringe pump: the mounting interface between the pump and the syringe depends on the type of syringe you use. In our design we used a MediWare 60mL syringe (REF: I3 040800).

Syringe pump

This pump is best for moving small volumes of liquids, on at a time.

Peristaltic pump

This pump is best continuously moving volumes of liquids.

Finished peristaltic pump: Peristaltic Pump in action

Watch the pump in action on Youtube

Bill of Materials

In order to take part in this class you will need the following materials:

Additional reading and hacking

Feeling lazy?

Go ahead and buy some pumps:

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