Spectroscopy is an essential tool for monitoring the growth and production in your bioreactor. We will make our own light source and detector setup. The class is about other analytical techniques too.


Spectrometer Design

This week we will build a spectrometer. We have created 2 spectrometer designs, you may choose which design to build.

Photodiode array-based photospectrometer

The photodiode array spectrophotometer files are stored in a git repository which you can clone or download as a zip archive. Check out the Building instructions for info about assembly.

CCD Array Spectrometer

Webcam-based spectrometer design

Webcam Spectrometer

Bill of Materials

In order to take part in this class you will need the following materials:


Hack the spectrometer into a flow spectrometer.

Additional reading and hacking

Feeling lazy?

Go ahead and buy a spectrometer:

  • Second hand photospectrometers at LabX